What is Ipox5?

Reliable PTT comms!

Ipox5 is an advanced push to talk suite for PC and Android clients. It is robust and as you can run your own servers it is also secure and reliable. It is free, and always WILL BE. There are some upgrades that cost extra, but there are NO monthly fees and NO user limits.

Key features are: DTMF control from Android to PC bases, Robust, Compatible with Rexon BT-28HC bluetooth speaker Mic for LOUD REAL PTT comms (Even when phone screen off and in background) Kiosk mode for dedicated devices. Volume up for message then back for when audio is turned down. Bluetooth device Play button PTT (press-talk-press) DTMF remote control generator and passthrough for remote control of links.

Pc: Serial PTT, Incomming and outgoing audio filtering. Embeded tone. Dtmf decode. and PC HOT KEY PTT button (F7) for use even when Ipox5 is in background.


This is the General documentation :

Click here for Android

Click here for PC

Use with wired headset:
No settings, just press the Play key to speak, then press again to stop. You will hear the beeps to confirm you have stopped transmitting. WORKS IN BACKGROUND MODE.

Use with Bluetooth headset:
Use 'New BT mode' AND set the BT icon to on (RED). Now press the BT play button to speak and again to stop. You will hear the beeps to confirm you have stopped. If your BT unit does not work, click OLD BT MODE box under settings. If you hear audio, but the mic does not work, click BT Mic only. You may have to experiment to get the correct settings. WORKS IN BACKGROUND MODE.

Use with Rexon BT28-HC. This amplified PTT BT speaker mic works with its own PTT switch. Pair first, then select Find PTT MAC. Now click the Rexon entry and you are done. Select New BT mode, and set the BT icon to on - 'RED'. Now you press PTT and hold, release to stop TX. The word MIC will appear in the text window to show this is operational. On some devices you may need OLD BT MODE selected, and/or BT MIC ONLY. WORKS IN BACKGROUND MODE.

Battery Power
As this is a realtime application it will use battery power whilst running. For demanding applications consider a Power Case to charge your phone whilst out and about. Another option is an Extended Battery for your device for example the Anker range.

Use with no accessory:
Wake up phone - press volume UP button to Speak, release to stop. You can use the TO FRONT WHEN RX and AWAKE DURING RX options to automatically do this! If you want an Automatic option - use VolumeToPower app (Google Play) to awake using the Volume Up button press.